Production Highlights

Porsche Taycan S Press Event

GlobeStream Media was invited to provide live stream encoding and streaming services for the launch of the Porsche Taycan S at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show.

GoPro Corporate Communications

GlobeStream Media has collaborated with Tucker Media Group to provide live streaming production services for a breadth of GoPro internal communications events. From monthly Town Halls to quarterly Family Hangs to their innovative GoPro Women's Summit, GlobeStream Media has helped GoPro deliver corporate communications events of all sizes from across the country and around the word.

Audi E-Tron Product Launch

The e-tron launch was a seminal event for Audi, ushering in a new age of electric vehicles for the German luxury automaker. The 30 minute unveiling of this technical marvel was held in a one-of-a-kind venue in San Francisco, California and featured a pre-event performance by the Intel drone swarm which formed the Audi logo in the night sky. GlobeStream Media was on-hand to provide live stream encoding services, helping deliver the event to a worldwide audience.

Royal Enfield "Twins" Release Event

GlobeStream Media was brought in by Royal Enfield to live stream their first North American press event highlighting the release of the new Interceptor and Continental "Twins" motorcycles. The event was simulcast globally to nearly 30 Facebook channels.

Trinchero Family Winery Virtual Wine Tasting Event

Hosted at the Trinchero Family Winery in Napa, California, Vizuri planned a fantastic VIP virtual wine tasting engagement streamed live via Zoom to 30 clients across the US.

2019 Girls 16u and 18u National Championships

In 2019, the City of Plano, Texas played host to USA Softball’s Girls 16u and 18u National Championships. The prestigious 6 day tournament displays the best-of-the-best softball teams from across the United States each year, with teams battling it out in the Texas mid-summer heat. For the event, GlobeStream Media stepped up to the plate and delivered over 500 hours of live streaming softball action; 240 softball games played across 9 different fields at the Heritage Landing Softball Complex.

Chilli's Grill and Bar

GlobeStream Media was tapped by The Marketing Arm to implement social media streaming projects for their client, Chili's restaurants. This collaborative experience brought viewers live inside Chili's test kitchen and behind the bar at a restaurant to see the company's latest mouth-watering and thirst-quenching creations. Thousands of viewers tuned in across the country via Facebook Live, and submitted questions for a truly interactive experience.

Virtual Sales Demonstration

GlobeStream Media helped ArcScan leverage Zoom to deliver a high-end, interactive sales demonstration of the company's Insight 100 ultrasound machine to potential clients and investors in China.

National X-Ball League Professional Paintball

In 2017, the National X-Ball League was all set to begin its inaugural season of professional paintball. Six tournaments were lined up, one every other month, across the US. The locations were set, fields were ready, and only one thing was missing - a professional broadcast. The NXL reached out to GlobeStream Sports with a request to design their live broadcast just 7 weeks before the first event. GlobeStream Sports jumped into action, engineering flypacks, designing graphics, and assembling crews for the 8 camera production, bringing everything together on-time and on-budget.

Girls 18u National Championships

USA Volleyball recruited GlobeStream Media to provide live streaming coverage of the 2017 Girls 18u Junior National Championship Finals in Dallas, Texas. The tournament, which is one of the largest girls volleyball tournaments in the country, featured top teams from around the United States and intense action. GlobeStream Media provided crews and equipment to live stream matches on the top two courts, giving the nation's top high school girls the opportunity to display their skills one last time before heading off to college.

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