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High-End Zoom and Video Conferencing

Zoom and other video conferencing platforms can be a great tool for business, but have limitations when it comes to engaging content. We can help you fix that.

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2020 has forever changed the way we work. Within just a few short weeks, millions of employees transitioned from going into the office every day to working from home. This dramatically accelerated the use of video conferencing technologies, such as GoToMeeting, WebEx, and of course, Zoom. 


With whole companies now connected virtually, many organizations transitioned to delivering all-hands and town hall meetings via these ubiquitous video conferencing platforms. Out were the engaging in-person events with staging, nice lighting, multi-camera productions, and professional audio. In were laptop cameras, computer microphones, and PowerPoint presentations; which looked just like every other video conference call. All hands meetings, town halls, internal product launches, corporate hospitality events, and other important communications meetings all of a sudden lacked distinction and engagement. 

From challenge springs opportunity, and GlobeStream Media met this new challenge head on, engineering a wide range of affordable production solutions to deliver quality and engaging live streaming events via video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, WebEx, and others. 

GlobeStream Sports, a division of GlobeStream Media, was recently awarded the contract to provide broadcast production services to...


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Advanced switching and production capabilities enhance offerings for remote production and live events. In March of 2022, GlobeStream...


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Every want to use your DJI as a gimbal with a Blackmagic Design camera, such as the Micro Studio Camera or Pocket Cinema Camera? Now you...


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GlobeStream Media Blog

Virtual Awards Presentation

2020 presented a wide range of challenges for the food industry, and Danone North America wanted to take time to recognize the hard work and outstanding achievements of its employees in getting dairy products delivered to distribution centers and groceries throughout the region.

Corporate Communications

Virtual Sales Demonstration

GlobeStream Media helped ArcScan leverage Zoom to deliver a high-end, interactive sales demonstration of the company's Insight 100 ultrasound machine to potential clients and investors in China.

Sales, Product Demonstration

Trinchero Family Winery Virtual Wine Tasting Event

Hosted at the Trinchero Family Winery in Napa, California, Vizuri planned a fantastic VIP virtual wine tasting engagement streamed live via Zoom to 30 clients across the US.

Corporate Hospitality, Sales

High-End Zoom and Web Conferencing Productions

GlobeStream Media brings quality live production to Zoom, WebEx, and other video conferencing platforms to meet a diverse range of business communications needs. 

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