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Live Streaming Video Production

Whether you’re streaming a town hall meeting, hosting a virtual conference, or launching a new product, you want your live stream production to run smoothy and engage your audience. 

If you're reading this, chances are you're in the process of coordinating, planning, or otherwise organizing your next live streaming production. Maybe it's your first production, or maybe you've been doing this for years. Either way, you're looking for a company that you can trust and a team that has the experience to deliver a great production without keeping you up at night.

GlobeStream Media’s award-winning production team has decades of experience in live broadcast, video streaming, and event production, so you to rest easy knowing our team is laser-focused on delivering a flawless production for your event. 

Why Hire a Professional Live Streaming Production Company?

Professional live streaming companies bring a wealth of expertise and experience to any live production. From run of show to staging and lighting, storytelling to professional-grade production equipment, backup systems to multi-platform syndication, professional live streaming companies offer a wealth of benefits to ensure that your production is a success. 

From the early days of live video streaming with SD cameras and QuickTime Streaming Servers, to HD and 4k streaming with today's modern encoders, platforms, and streaming technology, the GlobeStream Media team has the experience and technical expertise to deliver worry-free live streaming events of all sizes. 

Audi electrifies attendees at the E-Tron product launch

The e-tron launch was a seminal event for Audi, ushering in a new age of electric vehicles for the German luxury automaker. The 30 minute unveiling of this technical marvel was held in a one-of-a-kind venue in San Francisco, California and featured a pre-event performance by the Intel drone swarm which formed the Audi logo in the night sky. GlobeStream Media was on-hand to provide live stream encoding services, helping deliver the event to a worldwide audience.

Product Launch, Press Event

Corporate communications is always in focus at GoPro

GlobeStream Media has collaborated with Tucker Media Group to provide live streaming production services for a breadth of GoPro internal communications events. From monthly Town Halls to quarterly Family Hangs to their innovative GoPro Women's Summit, GlobeStream Media has helped GoPro deliver corporate communications events of all sizes from across the country and around the word.

All Hands Meeting, Women's Summit, Town Hall, Featured

Social media streaming expands Chili's marketing menu

GlobeStream Media was tapped by The Marketing Arm to implement social media streaming projects for their client, Chili's restaurants. This collaborative experience brought viewers live inside Chili's test kitchen and behind the bar at a restaurant to see the company's latest mouth-watering and thirst-quenching creations. Thousands of viewers tuned in across the country via Facebook Live, and submitted questions for a truly interactive experience.

Social Media

Live Streaming Case Studies

GlobeStream Media has worked with brands large and small alike to deliver creative solutions for a wide range of live streaming production requirements.

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GlobeStream Media Blog 

Live Stream Production Partners

GlobeStream Media relies on proven technology from the industry's most respected and accomplished live streaming technology companies to deliver reliable, high-quality, video anywhere, anytime.

Common Live Streaming Productions

On-site, hybrid, and remote productions are all in a days work for GlobeStream Media.  Not sure which is right for your project? Contact us and we'll help you decide!

On-Site Production

For on-site productions, we come to you. Wherever the venue, our entire production team and all of our equipment is on site working to deliver your production. We bring in all of the video switchers, monitors, microphones, cameras, recording decks, audio mixers, video encoders, and everything else required to implement and stream your production. The show is switched and streamed directly from the venue. 

Hybrid Production

Hybrid productions combine crew and equipment on-site with remote crew an equipment to create a single, seamless production. A common example of a hybrid production is having a couple of camera operators and an audio engineer on-site sending live audio and video feeds to a remote master control room that switches and streams the program. Hybrid productions are designed to have a minimal on-site footprint to deliver more cost effective productions.

Remote Integrated Production

A remote integrated production, also know as REMI, integrates audio and video feeds from multiple locations to create a single, seamless production. A common example of a REMI production would having camera feeds from presentations in Miami, San Francisco, and Dallas sending audio and video to a master control room that switches and streams the final program. REMI productions, like hybrid productions, are design to minimize on-site staff (in some cases, eliminating on-site staff all together) to deliver highly cost effective productions.

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