Sports Live Streaming Production

From the thrill of victory to the agony of defeat, nothing is more exciting than live sports.

GlobeStream Media's sports division, GlobeStream Sports, has produced a wide range of live sporting events all over the country. From Virginia Beach to Las Vegas, Dallas to Cleveland, Orlando to Los Angeles, our crews have experience working at the highest levels of sports production, including the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB. Our sports live streaming services include multi-camera configurations, graphics, replay, and video playout to support including commercials. 

Whether you're looking for a small 2-3 camera show or a 16 camera production with live graphics, stats, and instant replay, GlobeStream Sports has the capabilities you need to make your next sports production a hit!

Fantasy Sports and Live Stats

GlobeStream Media has partnered with MyFanwagon to provide fantasy sports and game stats for its live sports productions. MyFanwagon is a complete you-pick-em style fantasy sports league, allowing participants to go head-to-head in picking game or match winners. Pick stats can be calculated in real-time and shown on-screen during the game. MyFanwagon can be used for league seasons, tournaments, and individual events, and can even host full fantasy drafts so participants can build their own teams!

In addition to fantasy sports, MyFanwagon also provides live stats and statisticians for events, enabling easy integration of event stats with GlobeStream's live sports productions. 

Fantasy sports is a great way to amp up the excitement for your sporting event and increase viewer engagement. For more information on how GlobeStream Media and MyFanwagon can take your live sporting production to the next level, contact us today!

GlobeStream Media swings into action to cover USA Softball's 2019 Girls 16u and 18u National Championships

In 2019, the City of Plano, Texas played host to USA Softball’s Girls 16u and 18u National Championships. The prestigious 6 day tournament displays the best-of-the-best softball teams from across the United States each year, with teams battling it out in the Texas mid-summer heat. For the event, GlobeStream Media stepped up to the plate and delivered over 500 hours of live streaming softball action; 240 softball games played across 9 different fields at the Heritage Landing Softball Complex.

Remote Integrated Production, Replay, Graphics, Productions

USA Volleyball serves up Girls Nationals from Dallas, Texas

USA Volleyball recruited GlobeStream Media to provide live streaming coverage of the 2017 Girls 18u Junior National Championship Finals in Dallas, Texas. The tournament, which is one of the largest girls volleyball tournaments in the country, featured top teams from around the United States and intense action. GlobeStream Media provided crews and equipment to live stream matches on the top two courts, giving the nation's top high school girls the opportunity to display their skills one last time before heading off to college.

Graphics, On-Site Production

The National X-Ball League scores a hit with professional paintball league.

In 2017, the National X-Ball League was all set to begin its inaugural season of professional paintball. Six tournaments were lined up, one every other month, across the US. The locations were set, fields were ready, and only one thing was missing - a professional broadcast. The NXL reached out to GlobeStream Sports with a request to design their live broadcast just 7 weeks before the first event. GlobeStream Sports jumped into action, engineering flypacks, designing graphics, and assembling crews for the 8 camera production, bringing everything together on-time and on-budget.

On-Site Production, Aerial Videography, Fantasy and Stats, Replay, Graphics

Sports Live Streaming Case Studies

GlobeStream Media has covered sporting events from coast to coast, including professional paintball, national championship softball, and national championship volleyball.

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