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GlobeStream Media's sports division, GlobeStream Sports, has extensive experience in producing a wide range of live sporting events all around the country. Our team has produced and crewed events for national broadcasters such as ESPN, CBS, and FOX, as well as web broadcasts via YouTube, Brightcove, and other over-the-top (OTT) platforms. 

Leveraging the expertise of a team that has worked at the highest levels of sports production, including the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, and MLS, GlobeStream Sports has developed a variety of scalable on-site and REMI workflows that allow us to deliver high-quality sports production to all levels of competition. 


Remote Integration Model, or REMI, is a production workflow that has been utilized to streamline sports production for a number of years. This approach marries the advantages of a centralized broadcast control room with decentralized staffing to provide both technical and cost efficiencies, making high quality multi-camera sports production affordable to a much broader audience.  


Since 2018, GlobeStream Media has remotely produced a wide range of sports content, from US Women's National Softball Team games to high school and youth football tournaments. Our ongoing investments in IT and 5G infrastructure have enabled us to build a reliable, scalable REMI master control and live streaming facility able to ingest camera and audio feeds from venues around the world.  

Combined with our robust video switching, graphics, and instant replay infrastructure, GlobeStream Media can produce and stream multiple, concurrent multi-camera sporting events while also enabling remote production even from locations without hardwired internet access using 5G cellular streaming technology.

Contact us today to find out how affordable REMI production can be for your next sporting event. 

GlobeStream Media swings into action to cover USA Softball's 2019 Girls 16u and 18u National Championships

In 2019, the City of Plano, Texas played host to USA Softball’s Girls 16u and 18u National Championships. The prestigious 6 day tournament displays the best-of-the-best softball teams from across the United States each year, with teams battling it out in the Texas mid-summer heat. For the event, GlobeStream Media stepped up to the plate and delivered over 500 hours of live streaming softball action; 240 softball games played across 9 different fields at the Heritage Landing Softball Complex.

Remote Integrated Production, Replay, Graphics, Productions

USA Volleyball serves up Girls Nationals from Dallas, Texas

USA Volleyball recruited GlobeStream Media to provide live streaming coverage of the 2017 Girls 18u Junior National Championship Finals in Dallas, Texas. The tournament, which is one of the largest girls volleyball tournaments in the country, featured top teams from around the United States and intense action. GlobeStream Media provided crews and equipment to live stream matches on the top two courts, giving the nation's top high school girls the opportunity to display their skills one last time before heading off to college.

Graphics, On-Site Production

The National X-Ball League scores a hit with professional paintball league.

In 2017, the National X-Ball League was all set to begin its inaugural season of professional paintball. Six tournaments were lined up, one every other month, across the US. The locations were set, fields were ready, and only one thing was missing - a professional broadcast. The NXL reached out to GlobeStream Sports with a request to design their live broadcast just 7 weeks before the first event. GlobeStream Sports jumped into action, engineering flypacks, designing graphics, and assembling crews for the 8 camera production, bringing everything together on-time and on-budget.

On-Site Production, Aerial Videography, Fantasy and Stats, Replay, Graphics

Sports Live Streaming Case Studies

GlobeStream Media has covered sporting events from coast to coast, including football, softball, volleyball, combat sports, soccer, gun competitions, professional paintball, and more.

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GlobeStream Media Blog

Live Sports Production Partners

GlobeStream Sports relies on proven, innovative technology to enable anytime, anywhere live streaming for sports through our REMI (remote integration model) production facility outside Dallas, Texas.



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Our extensive know-how in management, logistics, production, and directing, refined over years of experience, has allowed us to develop a variety of cost-effective and scalable production services for all levels of athletic competition. Our most cost-effective solutions leverage AI technology to provide single camera, automated productions that work well for a range of youth sporting events. 


For more extensive productions, GlobeStream Sports provides integrated graphics, replay, playback, and multi-camera production services through our REMI control center outside Dallas, Texas. This state-of-the-art broadcast hub has multiple control rooms, allowing us to support several live sporting events concurrently.

The Benefits of REMI Production

Decreased Travel Expenses

Since all technical crew and producers work remotely, only minimal crew, typically a field producer and local camera operators, are required on-site, dramatically reducing travel costs.

Reduced On-Site Infrastructure

Using a remote production facility eliminates the need for an on-site control room and minimizes on-site equipment requirements, decreasing setup time, on-location footprint, and transportation costs. 

A-Team on Every Production

Our advanced IT infrastructure eliminates geographical barriers for production crews, enabling top talent from virtually anywhere to produce events around the world.


GlobeStream Sports has partnered with Visaic, a global leader in over-the-top (OTT) content delivery platforms, to develop a turnkey production, web distribution, and monetization service for leagues, tournaments, and other sports organizations. This service consists of scalable single or multi-camera productions, sponsorship and ad sales, as well as a custom web experience that can be stand alone or integrated within an existing web site. 


Built around a revenue sharing model, this innovative all-in-one service makes it easy for tournaments, leagues, and other sports productions to immediately begin monetizing their events and own their audience with little-to-no out-of-pocket costs. Our OTT platform enables direct monetization through pay-per-view or subscription packages that can be customized to meet the needs of your audience, whether delivering live or on-demand content. Additionally, our sponsorship and ad sales department will further enhance monetization opportunities by brining in sponsor and ad dollars for your content. Lastly, our team will design a deliver a production that strikes the right balance between quality and cost to ensure you begin seeing income as quickly as possible. 

GlobeStream Sports is excited to offer this innovative service, developed from the ground up to provide you with a single-source, end-to-end production and monetization solution for your sports broadcasts. Contact us to find out how GlobeStream Sports can begin monetizing your events today!

Creative Services  -  Sports and Stadium Graphics

As part of our full suite of production services, GlobeStream Sports creative services has a talented team of specialists that can create custom branded still or animated broadcast graphics for any type of sports production. Score bugs, supers, lower thirds, replay wipes, stats pages, crawls… whatever you need to customize the look of your production. 


Additionally, our creative services team has extensive experience with in-stadium graphics as well, including ribbon boards and jumbotron content. Over the past several years, team members have worked with such franchises as the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals (Protect the Nest series, right), MLB’s Philadelphia Phillies, and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics to create high-quality, animated, in-stadium content. 

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