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Turn your DJI gimbal into a PTZ head for your Blackmagic Design cameras

Every want to use your DJI as a gimbal with a Blackmagic Design camera, such as the Micro Studio Camera or Pocket Cinema Camera? Now you can!

Middle Things has developed a small hardware and software solution that sends DJI gimbal control information over SDI using an ATEM switcher. The ATEM Pocket Controller ($490US) converts incoming SDI signal information from the ATEM into control signals for your DJI gimbal, allowing you to leverage your SDI out cable to not only provide BM CCU control, tally, and talkback info, but also gimbal control as well. The diminutive device can leverage bluetooth to provide control information for Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4k, 6k, and URSA Mini Pro cameras as well. The company also provides a complete list of supported cameras on their web site, as well as a signal flow diagram, which is included here:

In addition to the ATEM Pocket Controller, Middle Things has also created a software application that takes input from a wide range of traditional gaming controllers to allow users to control their PTZ cameras. The software, called Middle Control, provides a range of customization options for mapping button and joystick control from USB joysticks to your DJI gimbal. They software also supports button mapping with Stream Deck devices, enabling such remote actions as auto focus, record start, record stop, and more!

Unfortunately, it looks like the Middle Control software is PC only, so Mac users, reach out to them and let them know you'd like to see a Mac version of their software too!


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