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Quick Tip: Looping Content with the HyperDeck Studio Mini

HyperDeck Studio Mini Video Playback and Recording Deck. Image courtesy of Blackmagic Design

Blackmagic Design's HyperDeck Studio Mini makes it easy to playback content during live event production. Like the other HyperDeck Studio products, it can be remotely controlled from either a hardware panel or via software, and of course you can always control recording and playback from the front of the deck itself.

But what about looping content?

Yes, like its big brothers, the HyperDeck Studio Mini can loop content. By pressing the play button twice on the front of any HyperDeck Studio, the deck will continuously loop a single video clip.

But what if you want to loop through all recorded clips on your SD card?

Well, the HyperDeck Studio Mini has an option for that. If you want to continuously loop through all of the content on an SD card, simply press the play button three times on the front of the HyperDeck Studio Mini.


Ok, let's review.

  • To start playback of a video clip on any HyperDeck, press play one time

  • To continuously loop a single video clip on any HyperDeck, press play a second time

  • To continuously loop all video clips on an SD card using the HyperDeck Studio Mini, press play a third time.

The continuous looping all video playback feature of the HyperDeck Mini makes it a great solution for a variety of live production situations. One of the most common use cases for this feature would be to loop through a video playlist to fill in any broadcast or live streaming time before the beginning of a show.

Common Questions

1. Can I set a HyperDeck Studio Mini to continuously loop playback of all clips on the SD card from an ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Control Panel?

  • No, currently the remote control capabilities of the ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Control Panel only support looping a single video clip.

2. Can I press the play button 3x on other HyperDeck Studio decks to have them continuously loop playback of all content on my media?

  • No. Currently looping through all content is only available as a feature on the HyperDeck Studio Mini as of HyperDeck firmware release v7.0.