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Quick Tip: Play back ProRes Videos on HyperDeck Mini

Ok. So you want to play back video from a HyperDeck Mini into your program, but you're not quite sure how to do it. Well, here are a couple of important quick-tips when playing ProRes videos on the HyperDeck Mini:

1) Make sure that the record format for your HyperDeck Mini is set to ProRes 422 or ProRes HQ. For example, if you're exporting a ProRes 422 video at 1080p 29.97, make sure that your HyperDeck Mini is set to ProRes 422 and your ATEM switcher is set to 1080p 29.97. 2) If your file has audio, use Linear PCM as your audio format at 48,000 Hz. Linear PCM is an uncompressed audio format, and this is what your HyperDeck Mini wants to see.

There are a wide variety of transcoding and compression applications, such as Apple Compressor, that can take your source video and convert it into a ProRes file that your HyperDeck Mini can play.


1) Can I set ProRes to ProRes HQ / LT / Proxy on my HyperDeck Mini and still play back ProRes 422 files?

- Answer: Yes. The HyperDeck will recognize ProRes 422 files even if set to ProRes HQ, ProRes LT, or ProRes Proxy.


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