Since the release of MacOS X Sierra, Apple has added new security features to its desktop OS. While overall this is a very good thing, it...


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As Chief Technical Director here at GlobeStream Media, one of my guilty pleasures in life is talking about production gear. It's so...


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Beyond the Manual - Blackmagic Design is a blog series produced by GlobeStream Media dedicated to helping technical directors and live...


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GlobeStream Media Blog


From town-hall meetings to sales conferences, product launches to conventions, GlobeStream Media can provide all your audio visual needs. 

Audio / visual services are the foundation of any great live event. Pulse-pounding audio gets the adrenaline going while LED walls, projectors, and projection mapping deliver large-scale captivating imagery.

Leveraging state-of-the-art modern audio / visual equipment, GlobeStream Media's experienced team of a/v professionals takes your event vision and makes it a reality. Beginning with stage and lighting design we work with you to create just the right atmosphere for your event. Next comes LED walls, projectors, and screens to deliver larger-than-life visuals. Finally, we bring it all together with world-class sound reinforcement to make your event sound as great as it looks. 

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Environmentally conscious A/V, or "Green A/V", seeks to reduce the environmental impact of audio / visual productions. This is done primarily through a focus on employing energy efficient technologies throughout a given production to reduce its energy and heat footprint. 

Nowhere is this more important than in the area of stage lighting. GlobeStream Media employs 100% LED lighting in all of it's productions, including our recently retrofit ETC Source 4 spotlight and color wash lights. By transitioning to 100% LED lighting, we've cut the energy and heat footprint for stage lighting by over 70%.


In addition, GlobeStream Media has also deployed Shure's wireless audio rechargeable battery technology across all of its productions, eliminating the disposal waste of thousands of AA batteries.

In 2022, GlobeStream Media will continue to be a leader in Green A/V, and will be looking to partner with organizations such as Choose to offer carbon offset options for interested clients. 

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Nutanix Quarterly All-Hands Meetings

Nutanix is a global leader in enterprise cloud solutions, enabling IT teams to build and operate powerful multi-cloud architectures. They are also a leader in employee communication and engagement, hosting quarterly all-hands meetings to keep the company's workforce up-to-date on the latest developments.

All Hands Meeting, Corporate Communications, Remote Integrated Production

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Intervision National Sales Conference

With over 25 years of experience, Intervision is recognized as a leading strategic service provider, helping IT leaders transform business using leading edge technology. Their annual sales kick-off meeting sets the tone for the year, identifying new sales initiatives, highlighting big wins, and preparing the team for an outstanding new year.

Conference and Trade Show, Sales Conference

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Soccerex USA Conference

Hosted in Marlin's Park in Miami, Florida, Soccerex's USA Conference is one of the organization's premiere events focused on expanding soccer in the United States. The conference and trade show includes featured presentations in the "Studio" and "Academy" areas as well as a trade show floor with the latest soccer technology and innovations.

Conference and Trade Show


GlobeStream Media has worked with a wide range of companies to deliver exciting on-site event audio/visual services to meet a variety of production needs.