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Episode 23

This week on UCaaS Connection we hear from two newcomers to the UCaaS scene: Viirtu and Rip Bull Networks. CEO Dan Rosenrauch joins us to tell us all about Viitru's product and service lineup while CEO Brandon Guitierrez gives us an early overview of Rip Bull as the company comes out of stealth mode with a great new offering in the messaging market. All this and more on UCaaS Connection!

Episode 22

What happens at Channelpalooza, stays at Channelpalooza.... at least for now!

Episode 21

This week's episode is all about Channelpalooza! Rob DeVita and Rob Butler are here to cover all the details for THE premiere UCaaS channel event of the year!

Episode 20

Our guests this week are John Jordan from BetterWorld Technology and David Portnowitz from Star2Star Communications. We're talking business transformation and partnership with a glimpse into the future of communications technology.

Episode 19

Jamie DeWitt from Telarus and Aaron Bock from Opkalla join the show this week to help us tame the summer heat... hey, that rhymed! We'll touch a little on SD-WAN this week as well as our regular UCaaS dialog.

Episode 18

In episode 18, we go off the deep end withKen Presti and get the full monty on Avant's UCaaS 6-12 report while Enzo Scafidi joins us with the latest about Accent One.

Episode 17

Avaya takes center stage in Episode 17! Chuck Ward and Marci Allen give us the skinny on Avaya Cloud Office for Ring Central while Christopher Schubert plays the hero for Microcorp's UCaaS clients. All this and more on another exciting episode of UCaaS Connection!

Episode 16

What better way to celebrate your 'Sweet 16th' than with a monster interview with Forrest Kneuppel from Fuze! Check out this wide ranging conversation to catch all the latest. Also joining us this week was Cybil Nielson and Samantha Jacks from Intelisys sharing their latest program information.

Episode 15

In this week's episode, Rodney Giles provides an update on NetDepot and shares the scoop on his new IT-focused podcast while Scott Forbush and Ronnell Richards discuss business and.... bourbon?? You've got to check out this discussion!

Episode 14

Episode 14 of UCaaS Connection highlights a wide range of industry activities to support those afflicted by COVID-19. In addition, we hear the latest from QOS Networks on their current promotions, and as always, we're looking forward to hearing more from you, our viewers, about what you would like to see on upcoming episodes of UCaaS Connection.

Episode 13

In this week's episode of UCaaC Connection, we feature a great panel discussion featuring Jamaal Savwoir of 8x8 and Raymond Nelson of Intelisys. Their conversation is wide ranging, with a number of highlights! We also get the low down on Episode 2 of The SD-WAN Show from our moderator, John Young of AireSpring.

Episode 12

Episode 12 of UCaaS Connection features an extended conversation with Greg Bertino at LogMeIn who provides us with an update on their GoTo series of products as well as the recent rebranding of their Jive platform. In addition, he also provides a case study with GiGi's Playhouse, a Down Syndrome Achievement Center.

Episode 11

In this episode of UCaaS Connection, we get an update on Channelpalooza from Rob Butler of Xvergence, hear more about about the breadth of infrastructure offerings from Morgan Granfield at Digital Realty, and Eric Brooker of BigLeaf Networks introduces the forthcoming SD-WAN Show, which begins airing Thursday at 2:00 pm on

Episode 10

Our featured guests this week include John Young, SVP of Sales at AireSpring, Kevin Zimmerman, Vice President-National Sales with master agenty TCG, and Karl Beteson with Jabra. All this, the news, and more in this episode of UCaaS Connection!

Episode 9

​In this week's episode of UCaaS Connection, guest host Hope Davo welcomes world renowned industry analyst Anurag Agrawal from Techaisle for an in-depth conversation on UCaaS in the SMB space. You don't want to miss this episode!

Episode 8

In this week's episode of UCaaS Connection, Marco Sanchez and John Romeo, from TBI discuss "Collaboration Architecture and the end-user experience". We are also pleased to welcome Aqeel Shahid, VP of Global Strategic Partners with Vonage to talk about AI and its impact on the customer communication experience. Plus, News, Notes and Highlights, and a few other goodies to close the month!

Episode 7

In this week's episode of UCaaS Connection, Blake Wetzel, Chief Revenue Officer of TeraGo talked with us about "Scaling the Cloud - How to make the best of your current Cloud Scenario." while Amy Bailey, VP of Marketing for Telarus provided details of their "Race to the Summit" initiative.

Episode 6

In this week's episode of UCaaS Connection, Eric Brooker, Sr. Director National Partner Programs of Bigleaf Networks joined the show for an extended discussion of Bigleaf, their services, and what has been going on in the home-office SD-WAN space.

Episode 5

In this week's episode of UCaaS Connection, Kerauno's National Channel Sales Director Hope Davo kicked-off her ongoing Sales and Marketing Best Practices series, Cindy Trevino, VP of Sales at NETdepot provided us with an update NETdepot's $1 Million Dollar program, and Christopher Shubert, Technologist and Channel Expert at CNSG will talked about CNSG's upcoming "Heavy Hitters" show.

Episode 4

In this weeks episode of UCaaS Connection features our first-ever panel discussion. The topic: "The Big Win - Master Agents, Partners, and Providers: How to Partner for Success." Our panelists included Eddie Acosta, Director of Partner Sales, Southwest Region from Intelisys, Rob DeVita, Managing Director at Mejetics, and Kevin Thomsen from Zoom.

Episode 3

In this weeks episode of UCaaS Connection, we've got news highlights as well as a great segment on customer service as a competitive differentiator from Hope Davo, National Channel Sales Director at Kerauno. We also hear from Rob Shelby, Regional Vice President for Channel Sales at Ring Central about their latest, and get the skinny on ChannelPalooza, scheduled for later this year in Austin, Texas.

Episode 2

In this weeks episode of UCaaS Connection, we've got news highlights and an informative interview with Michael Gottwalt, VP of Strategic Relationships at Broadvoice. In addition, we also hear from Eddie Acosta, Director of Partner Sales for the Southwest Region at Intelisys and have some fun on the show as well.

Episode 1

The first episode of UCaaS Connection featured interviews with Dan Foster, Chief Revenue Officer of StratusWorX, Heather Lindeman Shelby, Manager of Strategic Partner Development at Intelisys, Michael Brennan, VP / Channel Chief at QOS Networks, Amy Bailey, VP of Marketing at Telarus, and John Young, SVP Sales / Channel Chief at AireSpring.

UCaaS Connection

UCaaS Connection is a weekly video magazine dedicated to bringing you the latest in unified communications news and information. Hear from thought leaders, innovators, and marketing masterminds as they share unique perspectives or successfully navigating the competitive UCaaS landscape

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