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National X-Ball League Professional Paintball

In 2017, the National X-Ball League was all set to begin its inaugural season of professional paintball. Six tournaments were lined up, one every other month, across the US. The locations were set, fields were ready, and only one thing was missing - a professional broadcast. The NXL reached out to GlobeStream Sports with a request to design their live broadcast just 7 weeks before the first event. GlobeStream Sports jumped into action, engineering flypacks, designing graphics, and assembling crews for the 8 camera production, bringing everything together on-time and on-budget.

Seven weeks before their inaugural event, the National X-Ball League had some basic requirements for their live production. They needed instant replay, the ability to deliver video on demand with some level of ‘rewind’ capability, professional audio for commentators and analysts, and an array of creative camera angles that would show all the action, all while keeping the gear safe from the inevitable stray line of fire that they would be in.

GlobeStream Media sat down with the NXL and proposed an 8 camera live production package, which included video switching and routing infrastructure, a variety of cameras, crew coms and IFB announcing system, professional audio mixer, camera crane, and various racks, packs, and protective gear for the equipment. The production also included wireless audio and video to cover sideline reporting and allow camera operators to get great coverage inside the playing area just outside the field of play.

In addition, GlobeStream Media also provided a basic on-screen graphics package which included bugs, lower thirds, replay wipe, scoreboard, and integration with MyFanwagon fantasy sports data and game stats, as well as production crews at the various event venues across the country.

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