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GoPro Corporate Communications

GlobeStream Media has collaborated with Tucker Media Group to provide live streaming production services for a breadth of GoPro internal communications events. From monthly Town Halls to quarterly Family Hangs to their innovative GoPro Women's Summit, GlobeStream Media has helped GoPro deliver corporate communications events of all sizes from across the country and around the word.

For GoPro, community is a core part of the corporate culture. This means continuous communication up and down the organization to ensure not only is everyone involved in the decision making process, but everyone has a sense of ownership in the company’s success.

GlobeStream has worked hand in hand with GoPro to provide live streaming and event audio / visual services for a wide range of communications events. These events included monthly town-hall meetings, quarterly all-hands meetings dubbed “The Family Hang”, corporate launch parties, and the company’s “Women’s Summit” conference.

From GoPro’s headquarters in San Mateo, California to its offices in San Diego; Paris, France; and Bucharest, Romania, GlobeStream Media has been there to help GoPro bring together its global family and foster a true sense of community across the company.

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