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Virtual Awards Presentation

2020 presented a wide range of challenges for the food industry, and Danone North America wanted to take time to recognize the hard work and outstanding achievements of its employees in getting dairy products delivered to distribution centers and groceries throughout the region.

Danone North America is a recognized leader in the dairy industry, with such well known brands as Dannon, Activia, Silk, and Horizon just to name a few. As with most companies, Danone annually recognizes the success of various individuals and teams by hosting an awards celebration that brings together employees from across the company. While normally this event is held in-person, as we know, 2020 was anything but normal.

GlobeStream Media worked with Danone North America to create a fun and entertaining live streaming experience that integrated both live and pre-recorded content. The overall show had a “camp” theme, with team and division leads presenting awards as different camp personalities. The 1 hour awards presentation was streamed live on a custom designed web page with integrated live chat so viewers could interact in real time.

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