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Trinchero Family Winery Virtual Wine Tasting Event

Hosted at the Trinchero Family Winery in Napa, California, Vizuri planned a fantastic VIP virtual wine tasting engagement streamed live via Zoom to 30 clients across the US.

When Vizuri couldn’t bring their clients together for a VIP event in person like they usually do, they began thinking out-of-the-box for how they could still do something special to recognize them. Working in conjunction with One Line Agency and Binary Pulse Studios, they came up with the idea of doing a virtual wine tasting event. They wanted the event to be interactive, where a small group of attendees could interact with each other and the sommelier leading the wine tasting, so they immediately turned to Zoom. However, they did not want it to be a traditional Zoom experience with low quality audio and laptop web cams.

One Line and Binary Pulse reached out to GlobeStream Media with the challenge, and we proposed a small, multi-camera production complete with professionally mixed audio and lighting. An earpiece was provided to our sommelier so he could hear questions from the Zoom audience while the multi-camera switched program feed with professional audio was sent into Zoom and distributed out to the attendees.

The event looked great, sounded great, and was a tremendous success.

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