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Virtual Sales Demonstration

GlobeStream Media helped ArcScan leverage Zoom to deliver a high-end, interactive sales demonstration of the company's Insight 100 ultrasound machine to potential clients and investors in China.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to quickly adapt and implement creative new ways of conducting business. For ArcScan, this meant being able to deliver an effective presentation of their flagship Insight 100 corneal ultrasound machine to potential clients and investors in China.

But they didn’t want to just deliver a standard run-of-the-mill PowerPoint presentation. They needed to demonstrate the machine in operation, with a real patient, while at the same time being able to field questions from their audience.

GlobeStream Media collaborated with ArcScan to design a live streaming production using Zoom which featured the high-end presentation of a multi-camera production while at the same time delivering Zoom audio from attendees to each of the presenters. This approach was used to give the audience maximum visibility into the functionality, operation, and patient experience of the Insight 100.

During the demonstration, presenters wore ear pieces so they could hear questions of the remote audience while still being hands-free to conduct the product demonstration. This interactive production truly married the technical approach of traditional multi-camera live production with the power and ease-of-use of Zoom-based video conferencing technology to deliver an elevated sales experience in what otherwise would have been a very challenging situation.

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