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Beyond the Manual with Blackmagic Design

Beyond the Manual - Blackmagic Design is a blog series produced by GlobeStream Media dedicated to helping technical directors and live production crews get the most from their Blackmagic Design ATEM and live production hardware. In our blog, we'll go 'beyond the manual' to provide you with additional tips, tricks, information, and insights on Blackmagic Design's line of broadcast products, including cameras, switchers, routers, standards converters, and more!

With over over a decade of experience in live production, GlobeStream Media has come to rely on Blackmagic Design's ATEM and Teranex line of broadcast production products to form the core of our live event production services. Drawing from this experience, our blog will also include posts describing some of our internet streaming and broadcast productions and the solutions we've architected to bring those productions to life.

In addition to our blog, GlobeStream Media is also creating a newsletter that readers can have delivered monthly right to their email inbox. The Beyond the Manual - Blackmagic Design newsletter will highlight popular blog posts from the previous month and also feature newsletter-specific 'tips and tricks' to help you get the most from your Blackmagic Design investment.

We're excited about sharing our real-world production experiences with our readers and hope that over time, we can make a valuable contribution to the Blackmagic Design broadcast production community.

Please be sure to sign up below, or fill out the form in the footer on any one of our web pages to stay up-to-date with the latest from Beyond the Manual - Blackmagic Design.


Brett Casadonte


GlobeStream Media LLC

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