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ShoreTel Demo-on-Demand Architecture

Part of ShoreTel's "Demo on Demand" video series, ShoreTel architecture provides an overview of the company's reliable, scalable, cost effective unified communications solution.

ShoreTel’s “Demo on Demand” is an 8 part marketing video series that highlights the various aspects of ShoreTel’s on-premise unified communications platform. The series was created to help field and channel sales members provide a comprehensive introduction to ShoreTel’s platform to prospective customers.

The multipart video series focused on various aspects of ShoreTel’s platform, from the high-reliability and high-availability architecture to it’s end-user application, ShoreTel Communicator. Additional videos in the series highlighted ShoreTel’s mobile device integration, the platform’s ease of setup and management, communications applications available on the platform, and much more.

The ShoreTel Architecture video provides a tour of the company’s flexible, distributed platform and the benefits it provides in delivering voice over IP and other unified communications services to customers.

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