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Chilli's Grill and Bar

GlobeStream Media was tapped by The Marketing Arm to implement social media streaming projects for their client, Chili's restaurants. This collaborative experience brought viewers live inside Chili's test kitchen and behind the bar at a restaurant to see the company's latest mouth-watering and thirst-quenching creations. Thousands of viewers tuned in across the country via Facebook Live, and submitted questions for a truly interactive experience.

From burgers to drinks, GlobeStream Media was on-hand to help launch a new social media marketing initiative for Chili’s Restaurant and Bar, streaming live ‘behind-the-apron’ content from the company’s test kitchen to its restaurants.

These creative, short productions reached thousands on the company’s Facebook social media channels, and leverage live chat to allow viewers the opportunity to ask questions of the company’s bartenders and corporate chefs.

GlobeStream Media provided small-scale professional production services, including professional audio, cameras, lighting, live switching, and stream encoding to deliver delicious bites live into the homes of Chili’s fans everywhere.

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