From live stream encoding and delivery to full turnkey live event production and A/V services, GlobeStream Media stands ready to deliver what you need to make your live video streaming project a success!

Live Streaming Solutions Built Using the most Reliable, Industry-Leading Technology

When you're working with some of the most highly visible and well-known brands in the world, failure isn't an option. That's why GlobeStream Media builds its solutions on some of the most well respected and reliable names in live production and streaming. 


Custom Solutions for Pay-Per-View Live Streaming Events

Looking to monetize the live stream of your event? GlobeStream Media provides a hosted platform for pay-per-view live events, providing you with additional revenue streams. We can also provide a social media engagement plan around your live event and pay-per-view production, helping you maximize your return on investment. 

Scalable Solutions for Every Size Production
Stream Everywhere with Multi-Platform Delivery

Many corporate video streaming projects have modest requirements... a couple of cameras, good audio for presenters, and integration of PowerPoint slides and pre-recorded video. Other projects require dozens of video sources, video feeds integrated from remote locations, and mixing audio from a wide variety of sources. With decades of experience handling productions of all sizes for organizations such as GoPro, Audi, Porsche, NASA, USA Softball, and many others, GlobeStream Media has the expertise to deliver on projects of any size. 

There are many options in the market for delivering live video of the Internet. FaceBook and Workplace, YouTube, Periscope for Twitter, LiveStream, UStream, Wowza, Brightcove, and Ooyala are just a few of the many platforms currently available. 


GlobeStream Media has experience with all of these platforms and more to deliver high-quality video to desktop, laptop, Android, and iOS devices as well as over-the-top (OTT) platforms such as AppleTV and Roku. So whether your project calls for live streaming on a single platform or syndicating streams across multiple platforms around the world, GlobeStream Media delivers. 

Truly Global Live Streaming Production

Imagine having a global product launch that really is global, where customers can tune in to a live stream and experience activities in San Francisco, New York, London, Paris, and Rome all in the same webcast, without the high cost of satellite uplinks. Or maybe you’re hosting a corporate all-hands meeting in Dallas and you want to integrate a 4 person, moderated Q&A session with executives in Chicago, Pittsburgh, Amsterdam, and Barcelona while streaming the entire show to all your locations around the world. 


Leveraging state of the art technologies such as bonded cellular; bonded Wi-Fi and ethernet; and Skype TX; GlobeStream Media has the capability to deliver diverse events at global scale.

Capabilities, Platforms, and Technologies

GlobeStream Media is at the forefront of today's video streaming technologies, ensuring
 we have the knowledge and capability to make any size live streaming production a success.


From stream encoding to complete, turn-key event a/v solutions, GlobeStream Media can delivery just what you need for your live production. 


• Audio Mixing and Wireless Microphones

• Video Routing and Switching

• Cameras, Lenses, and Tripods

• PowerPoint and Pre-Recorded Video Integration

• iMag, Projectors, and Screens

• LiveU Bonded Cellular Remote Streaming

• LiveU-based At-Home IP Video Production

• Skype TX Integration


GlobeStream Media has experience with a wide range of streaming platforms, including:


• Brightcove

• Facebook Live

• LiveStream

• Ooyala

• Periscope / Twitter

• UStream

• Vimeo Live

• Wowza Streaming Cloud

• YouTube Live


We support streaming to any RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP, and SRT platform using industry-standard H.264 and H.265 (HEVC) encoded video.


GlobeStream Media's streaming productions integrate technologies from a wide range of industry leaders, including:


• Blackmagic Design

• Decimator

• LiveU

• NewTek

• Osprey

• Skype

• Softron

• Sony

• Telestream

• Ubiquiti Networks

• Wowza

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